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An Intuitive, a ghost, The Guide, a twelve-year-old boy, a billionaire, and a streetwise Robin Hood use extraordinary actions and paranormal powers to unravel an entwined past life of betrayal and death. Delving deeper for answers, they bond as an esoteric team of unlikely heroes in an epic tale of dramatic lies and fantastical truths. The experience becomes awareness of some larger purpose looming ahead -- a new kind of villain, quietly, systematically careening humanity toward certain destruction through the divisive acts of divide and conquer. The paranormal, esoteric worlds of the cosmos require the team to enlist assistance - the ghost's constant companion - The Guide. The Guide is an upper-management, benevolent presence who crosses between the worlds of the living and the dead; rarely involved at this level, except when the dead refuse to crossover.


CATHERINE COLE is a catalyst between the mundane world and the bridge to dimensional worlds. Her power of intuition and ESP inform her roles as wife, mother, clinical psychologist, and leader. Investigating her high-profile client cases oftentimes requires traversing other worlds, crossing timelines and dimensions to solve life-threatening anomalies. These unique approaches to aid and heal lives create the team's initial purpose.


Somehow, they survive putting a big toe in the cosmic soup of reality. They know just enough to get themselves killed or worse, forever lost in a black hole. When outside client needs escalate unwanted attention toward the team from otherworldly interests, everything they have ever counted on is now up for grabs. Humanity becomes their client. But first, a boy's life is steadily diminishing. He's important. He must be saved to save humanity.


If we cannot care about those closest to us, how can we care about the-all of humanity? The two boys are key to the future discovery looming ahead on the outskirts of Earth's elliptical orbit around our sun, making the small blue planet valuable real estate, and humanity insignificant.


Premise - How do we deal with loss and grief? Life and death are minted as one coin. In a flip of the coin, they separate - those that leave us too soon and those they leave behind. What's relevant? What's behind the curtain? Everyone wants to know what comes next. What we don't know but need to know to bring meaning to our lives is the foundation examining a handful of uniquely talented individuals who team up to unravel the volcanic intensities and vulnerabilities experienced by them as they investigate the unknown. These scenarios demand they fix the impossible. This is Catherine's dilemma. The crux of her deepest fear comes from guilt. Catherine subconsciously believes she killed her husband because her vision failed her. She can't trust herself or her powers. Tragedy forces Catherine to journey through the stages of grief.


Relevant themes in today's world - Using the stages of grief, the team grapples with the personal and the cosmic loss of a way of life and life itself as the first season of the Franchise relentlessly ping pongs their 'denial' between the extremes of misperceived duality.


The arc of this TV series goes through the five stages of grief, plus a sixth stage. Why grief? Because our world is dying, spiraling down at break-neck speed. We see it. Some human beings are aware that we're getting darker, more divided, and duality is at extremes, some are not aware, but it doesn't change the fact that humanity is losing its heart and soul. This massive loss comes with deep grief of the inevitable degradation of humanity. And otherworldly beings are pressing humanity's buttons for ownership of a cosmic highway. We experience these six stages as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and meaning. Humanity plays out these emotional/social behaviors of grief's stages in these categories: work/school, relationships, recreation, and devotion. This is the ARC of the series over six seasons.


Why this story? - This story is loosely based on the unexpected death of my first husband. He died in his sleep at the tender age of thirty-four. I wanted to write a story that didn't end with death but rather, a story revealing a bridge to the continuation of life beyond death. We are more than our physical bodies.


The Mild-Mannered Antagonist - FBI Agent Fields suspects Catherine Cole is hiding information about her husband's death. When she is discovered at a kidnapping scene with Alex and Hugh, the FBI puts her and her companions on their watch list. Agent Fields takes a personal interest in Catherine's 'so-called' paranormal abilities, confident she's up to no good. He lost his fiancé and secretly commiserated with psychics who ripped him off mercilessly. He's on a mission to expose fakes like Catherine as frauds. His love/hate relationship with Catherine will send him spiraling down into his dark side with grave consequences for Catherine and her team.


Worlds - There are two distinct worlds/settings:

1) contemporary family life in NYC (or any major city, especially a city like San Francisco)

2) a cosmic setting with worlds, timelines, dimensions, parallels, and realms, like the Astral Realm, Zoo Street, and Higher Heaven where life after death begins.


Lost and Found: 

What if you had the chance to travel back in time and change just one event in your life? What would it be? For Catherine Cole, there is no question. She would undo the events of August 23, 1988, when the out-of-control car takes the life of her husband and her son's father. Now Catherine may get exactly what she wished for -- and so much more than she bargained for.


The Boys: In a pediatrician's waiting room, a twelve-year-old boy mourns the recent death of his father but introduces himself to the older boy sitting next to him, wincing in pain from a fractured wrist. The boys become immediate best friends, despite being taught not to talk to strangers.


What's a Hero? What if a truly devastating act was the fault of a child who's incredible, smart, kind, devoted to his parents with a promising gifted mind for space travel as he grows into adulthood? A younger boy saves the life of an older boy, knowing he accidentally killed his father in a hit-and-run accident, and shows the world what is good and decent when you have some courage to notice what's good and decent in another. The younger boy's act of empathy, compassion, forgiveness and the kind of love that glues creation together is possibly the lynchpin - to change a world.


The Tone of Meaning: "I think we're all heroes if you catch us at the right moment. We all have something noble and decent in us trying to get out and we're all less than heroic at other
times. It's the media that notices one persona one moment

and not another. I'm just like the next person, full of frailty, with some courage and decency mixed in. You think I'm a hero. To me a hero is just a symbol of what's good in all of us. You're looking at me and maybe you're just noticing what's good in yourself." JOHN BUBBER (Andy Garcia), Hero, Columbia Pictures


The constant throughout this remarkable journey is the overarching theme of love and forgiveness, family, and loyalty, a semblance of normal in the cosmic soup of creation. Our current worldview wants us to believe we are separated by our differences, but misperceived barriers of spiritual/religious barriers, linguistic barriers, cultural, race, and gender barriers are leveled when we begin to understand the expanded version of who we are and what we're doing here.


Viewers discover how an unresolved past life can leave an imprint of behavioral patterns in one's life. Its time travel and past-life themes captivate mystery lovers everywhere. Viewers across the world will relate to Catherine's dilemma of love, loss, grief, and acceptance. This Franchise entices viewers to journey with Catherine to delve deeply into the nature of the mysterious implications of the paranormal, reincarnation, time travel, dimensions, parallel lives, the soul, and the true nature of our realities with her unique team and The Guide's otherworldly expertise.


AWAKENING levels the hierarchy of who we believe we are, one life at a time—via its culture, economics, gender, race, and religious beliefs. This story is a poignant inquiry into our human desire for permanence.