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Hidden Portraits

What if you used your psychic abilities in your profession as a clinical psychologist to help high-profile clients reclaim their lives, but when you needed these skills the most—on the day your husband dies—your vision fails both you and your son? What if all your professional training in counseling others has brought resolve for them, but nothing for your own child’s grief or yours, plunging the two of you deeper, causing you to question everything, even life itself? Would you know how to turn this world right side up again? Would you welcome anything . . . embrace anyone who might bring an answer which would release you from the chasm?

CATHERINE COLE enlists the help of anyone and anything in her plight, including:

--ROBERT COLE, husband and father, but now a ghost desperate to help his son readjust before passing over into the afterlife;

--OWEN COLE, a mere ten-year-old boy, but the one who knows all of these souls, and more specifically, the souls of the two strangers—

--THOMAS MURPHY, an African-American, self-anointed ‘Robin Hood’ to his NYC neighbors (a brilliant thief to others) and

--ALEX SINCLAIR, a billionaire, inventor and icon of industry, accused of incompetency by his only child—

--REBECCA (BECCA) SINCLAIR, heiress to the Sinclair estate;

--HUGH MCKINSEY, Director of the NYC Free Clinic, Robert’s best friend who is secretly in love with Catherine, and, finally,

--THE GUIDE, the story’s narrator, Robert’s constant companion in death, and our bridge of understanding the continuum of life from this physical life to the afterlife.

The ‘carry over’ of emotions from a hidden past life affects Owen with a double whammy—the impact of the sudden death of his father and a growing awareness of some other loss he cannot yet name, must play itself out. Owen, Thomas, and Alex must uncover the ugly storm slowly boiling up from an emotionally-stirring past life, ‘carried over’ into this current life from across the Atlantic Ocean on an English countryside estate in the 19th century.

Readers will discover how the past can preempt the present. Its time travel past-life themes will captivate mystery lovers everywhere. In this compelling series, readers across the world will relate to Catherine’s dilemma of love and loss and acceptance—a mother, a wife, a therapist, and a widow—struggling to accept life after the death of her husband. This series will enthrall readers to journey back with Catherine to delve deeply into the nature of the soul and the mysterious implications of reincarnation.

Robert Cole, a strikingly handsome, middle-aged man, walks out of a quaint, New York City, Hungarian pastry shop, carrying two bags of assorted fresh croissants, bagels, and chocolate butter cream cupcakes with icing. He steps off the curb to cross the street and WHAM! Robert’s body flies up into the air in a sickening slow motion somersault. Pastries explode out of their bags, vaulting with Robert until they all reach their zenith. Time stops. Witnesses react in disbelief and horror. Time resumes in fast-forward. Tiny plops, thuds, and a heavy whooshing SIREN the scene, while his wife Catherine and son Owen are asleep at home.

Owen takes his father’s death hard, exacerbated by worsening health issues with chance meetings with Alex Sinclair, his mother’s new client. A flicker of recognition heightens suspicion in the presence of this stranger. Blindsided by the loss of her natural gifts of psychic sight, Catherine is helpless to comprehend the emotional events in play around her son’s on-going health issues.

Sensitive to his mother’s guilt and her inability to know that his father’s ghostly presence is still with them, Owen keeps secret his father’s appearances. Although he does not immediately understand his father’s attempts at communication with him, it gives Owen hope. With each ghostly visit from his father, Owen becomes aware of another presence—The Guide—his father’s constant companion in death. Robert has flatly refused to cross over until he is sure his son is safe.

Enter the two strangers: Alex Sinclair – a billionaire whose daughter is threatening him by her attempts to gain his attention by gaining control of his money with having him declared incompetent. Thomas Murphy – a brilliant (and clairsentient) street thief who sets out to rob Catherine and meets her son who seems immediately familiar. As the catalyst, Catherine may be the only person who can help them navigate the twisted story of their past that binds them together, yet ultimately can free them, but without her natural psychic sight, lost with the guilt of not knowing the future events of her husband’s death, the past stays hidden.

What ensues in their deepening, developing relationships leaps beyond past lives to the greater questions of humanity. Alex Sinclair creates a nonprofit organization called P.E.G.A.S.U.S. (Paranormal Energy Group Assembling Service Utopian Science), which forms the foundation of this eclectic team’s future global work with resolving cosmic mysteries in the present and past lives of friends, strangers, and enemies alike.

Catherine, Owen, Thomas, Hugh, and Alex encounter individuals and scenarios ‘carried over’ from unresolved issues from the past that influence the present. These case-of-the-week issues loom over them, threatening health, happiness, and sometimes lives. Those who seek out their unique protocol are skeptics, some are victims, and others are desperate for miracles. All who engage with them must face their choices – the mistakes – the friends and the enemies made lifetimes ago, in order to reset the karmic scales of reasonable balance. History literally rewrites itself.

All the while, Robert and The Guide observe the lives of these entangled, ordinary heroes. They all express passionate visions with empathy for others, and the imaginations and paranormal gifts to forgo their perceived self-limitations. This is what propels them into the extraordinary actions as an incisive team in helping others. Even in their own vulnerabilities, facing ongoing – and escalating – crisis within their own lives, they bond as a rag tag team of groundbreakers, unraveling cosmic questions of humanity’s origins.

Hidden Portraits blends the paranormal with riveting, emotional drama, high stakes, and a series to create a genre of cosmic realism, unlike anything else. In the vein of The English Patient (Booker Prize winning novel and winner of nine Academy Awards), Ghost (winner of two Academy Awards), The Time Traveler’s Wife (highly acclaimed novel/film), Dead Again (movie mystery about true love . . . and certain death), and Slaughterhouse-Five, (recognized as Vonnegut’s most influential and popular work), Hidden Portraits levels the hierarchy of who we believe we are, one life at a time via its culture, economics, gender, race, and religious beliefs.