Toni D. Holm


Creative Biography

Toni’s childhood was one every kid dreams of—her mother worked at Disneyland. Privy to employee/​family premiers, like 101 Dalmatians, and viewing backstage filming for Zorro, Toni began learning the art of storytelling from the master illusionist—Walt Disney. It was here she discovered her passion for visual storytelling. When her family moved to Florida, Toni took her first job in Adventureland at Walt Disney World, continuing her apprenticeship in learning how imagination and illusion can extend experience and suspend disbelief.

Publishing – CEO/​Publisher/​Editor – Trade Books –

After graduating from Rollins College, she wrote until she found her voice. That self-taught process earned her an intuitive knowing in how to help other writers discover voice. Working for over a decade with two international publishing houses (Viacom) and (Pearson Education) gave Toni the grist she needed as an editor. After Pearson closed her editorial office, due to budget cuts and downsizing, Toni sensed a transition away from traditional publishing. In 2003, Toni formally incorporated Word Keepers, Inc.

Higher Heart Entertainment – Screenwriter (television/​film) –​in/​toniholm/​

Script Analysis with Jeff Mackler, Ridings/​Mackler Entertainment; Craig Kellem Hollywood Script Consultant, development executive at both Universal and 20th Century Fox, served as a SNL staff member, and Executive producer (both Network and Syndication); Melanie Mayron, Actor & Director; Katherine Fugate, Creator & Scriptwriter, Executive Producer (Army Wives); Laura Brenan, Senior Level Screenwriter and Script Analyst; and Pilar Alessandra, Director/​Owner of On The Page; John Truby, Truby Writers Studios and author of The Anatomy of Story; and Carole Kirschner, Creator CBS Diversity Writers Program, Director WGA Showrunner Training Program, and Entertainment Coach. These first relationships are foundational in developing her craft as a screenwriter. She has several scripts/​novels in progress: The Cosmic Order Bride (romantic comedy – film/​novel), The Saga of Parker Ranch - A Hawaiian Dynasty (historical drama – TV pilot/​series), Providence (Literary fiction).

Literary Fiction

Hidden Portraits weaves the paranormal with emotional drama and high stakes to create an original television series. This series is underpinned by quantum physics, myths, and beliefs narrated by THE GUIDE, who describes our world and a universe, not only much greater, but also far stranger than we imagine.
Romantic comedy/Novel/Screenplay – (work-in-progress)
The Cosmic Order Bride combines magical realism and fantasy with human drama with the most unlikely of characters – a female African-American, llama rancher who orchestrates love for two lonely hearts with her magical powers and divine assistance from the cosmos.
Providence transforms the affairs of humankind . . . one healer, one generation at a time. The promise of benevolence is won or lost as Jailene battles the two-leggeds to claim the highest powers from her lineage: Jewel’s boldness, Sarah’s compassion, and Teet’s sight in total darkness.

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