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Hidden Portraits – Novel/TV Pilot Script
Series Logline: Welcome to Catherine Cole’s world where her powers of ESP inform her roles as a wife, a mother, and a clinical psychologist, but more compelling is her role as a catalyst who travels to other worlds and timelines, between the living and the dead.

Pilot Logline: An Intuitive, a ghost, The Guide, a ten-year-old boy, a billionaire, and a streetwise Robin Hood use extraordinary actions and paranormal powers to unravel the memories of a shared past life of betrayal and death, before they can bond as a ragtag team of unlikely heroes.

CATHERINE COLE has built a good life. She has an affectionate family, good friends, and a fulfilling practice as a clinical psychologist, where she is able to integrate her professional training and her own special intuition to help her clients overcome issues from past life imprints infringing on the present. On one Sunday morning, this idyllic family relationship turns upside-down when ROBERT dies in a hit-and-run accident. Everything she has ever counted on is now up for grabs.

Catherine’s psychic powers and professional talents fail her. She cannot reach her husband, and she is unable to assuage her son OWEN’s grief. What she does not know if that Robert has refused to pass over. His newly assigned companion in death, THE GUIDE, cannot persuade him to leave Catherine. When two strangers enter her shattered life, unresolved issues from Owen’s past life must now play out. No one—not even Robert’s ghost—will come out unscathed.

All the while, Robert and The Guide observe the lives of these entangled, ordinary heroes. They all express passionate visions with empathy for others and the imaginations and paranormal powers to forgo their perceived self-limitations. This is what propels them into the extraordinary actions as an incisive team in helping others. Even in their own vulnerabilities, facing ongoing–and escalating–crisis within their own lives, they bond as a ragtag team of groundbreakers to serve humanity.

HIDDEN PORTRAITS weaves the paranormal with emotional drama and high stakes to create an original television series. This series is underpinned by quantum physics, myths, and beliefs narrated by none other than THE GUIDE, who describes our world and a universe not only much greater, but also far stranger than we imagine.

The Cosmic Order Bride – Novel/Screenplay
LOGLINE - Desperate to save his family home, a Montana rancher secretly writes successful romance novels, but when his own longing for love results in a cosmic prescription to order a bride—nobody expects an attractive, New York Times Book Reviewer to show up, expose his true identity, discredit his reputation, while falling in love under a canopy of stars in Big Sky Country.

How does a man go about finding his perfect partner? He orders her, of course. Once he orders that perfect partner, how does he convince her that she is the one and only? John Dougherty wakes up one morning on his Montana ranch and decides he is ready . . . to take that journey.

He is a fourth generation Montanan who “escaped” twenty years earlier by attending Evergreen College in Olympia, WA. He is not going to be a rancher, but a writer. That dream ends when both his parents die in a head-on collision during a freak blizzard on the Chief Joseph Highway.

John writes his way out of his deep despair and loss. In his quiet solitude, love becomes a thirst. He quenches that thirst by writing the very thing he searches for—romance. To his surprise, his books are top sellers, and the ranch endures despite decades of draught. His fifth novel stirs that deeper longing in him for something . . . no, someone.

If John can just keep up his secret identity for a few more years, as long as Aunt Novalyne Dougherty, his father’s sister, agrees, and who is just eccentric and literary enough to fill a size seven high-heeled romance author’s shoes, he can keep the family ranch—all 7,500 acres. In this large, but humble home by the Madison River, John’s self-searching from a deep spiritual thirst is just about to pay off—in a bride—in a cosmic order bride!

The last thing Tia Saint Jacques wants to read is a love story. As a successful book review editor for the New York Review of Books, Tia feels like she’s hit an all-time low when her Editor-in-Chief, Phillip Rottner, assigns her to write an in-depth review of the successful writing career of the romance author, Novalyne Dougherty. The in-depth review must coincide with the author’s forthcoming book, already positioned to hit high on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Who has time for love or even wants to risk it today? Tia loves a challenge, even if she hates the genre, so she flies to Montana at the invitation of the publisher, Selene Pearls, who is launching the author’s book, The Cosmic Order Bride. Ms. Dougherty’s entourage includes her Publisher, her PA, and the author’s nephew, John Dougherty. At first glance of him, Tia hears a booming voice in her head announce, “You need to know this man!”

So begins John Dougherty’s story of how he orders and is delivered a cosmic-order-bride. It’s a romantic-comedy filled with tumbleweed mishaps. ETs are suspect in spooking local livestock. Local cowgirls unleash a tell-all when they suspect the one eligible bachelor within a 350-mile radius has printed their pillow talk. A New York City writer, who desperately wants recognition as a serious investigative journalist again, takes her investigation too far, discrediting the one thing that will save a rancher his home and his reputation in Big Sky Country.

An unexpected author-in-waiting (already a New York Times Best Seller for romance novels) wins a national writing contest and publishing contract with her debut coming-of-age novel about a young girl’s struggles growing up a lesbian in rural Montana in the 1940’s.

A journey to find the perfect partner (including the local cowgirls), becomes inevitable for a man-in-waiting to find the great love of his life.

An African-American woman breaks all the stereotypical roles as a Western rancher, recent widow, and mystical guru dispensing pearls of wisdom over the fence at her Gallatin Valley Llama Ranch.

And . . . a New York book reviewer discovers the real identity of a romance novelist and the love of her life, under a canopy of stars in The Last Best Place.

Providence - Novel
In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, a fiery copper-headed woman with kinky, waist-length braids sets out to find her place to stand in the world as a healer and a seer. Jewel introduces the trinity of Southern women healers bred and transformed by a lineage of Irish, Cherokee, Creek, and African-American slaves. Jewel is the first to discover the two-leggeds when she falls from grace; when her lust for the boy, Lester, draws her into the dark arts of voodoo and ends in an unconsummated marriage, a murder, and a suicide. Here begins the karmic lineage—the seeds of sin. Jewel fights the influences of the two-leggeds the rest of her life. She makes amends by passing on the tutelage of her healing power to her niece, Sarah. Jewel never masters the wisdom of the first miracle—birth—the gift of creation. Her hope resides in Sarah.

Sarah, unlike her Aunt Jewel, spends a lifetime thwarting off the losses of her life, through the power foreseeing future events. She, too, has the power of healing and seeing. Although she marries the love of her life, Seth, they are not blessed with children of their own seed. In a bizarre murder attempt and a suicide, Sarah loses her sister Teet, her brother-in-law the Lieutenant Colonel, but gains a daughter as the godmother to her niece, Jailene. Through the years of tutelage in the healing arts, Sarah prepares Jailene for the acceptance of her parent’s tragic story, but before she can walk her through the childhood memory of that event, Sarah’s own life suddenly ends. Sarah never master’s the second miracle—to love oneself. It is flesh to flesh, and the “lesson” is passed to yet another generation of women—Jailene—embedded into her DNA as ancestral karma.

It is up to Jailene to master all three miracles, especially the third miracle, to love and be loved. In order to stand on the foundation of creation’s powers, Jailene must learn the identity of the two-leggeds; befriend her allies, the dragons, find the echoes of her mother; accept the death of her unborn baby sister; and transform the sins of her father.

Like the magnificent phoenix, she gathers their essence to herself, like the colored feathers from every living bird, and molting, she dies to the guilt of surviving them all. She will forgive herself, let go of the echoes of memory (the two-leggeds) and face her worst fears—separation and abandonment—to embrace the third miracle. With the help of her magical, elderly landlady, Mrs. O’Shea, the arrival of Uncle Seth, and the dragons, Jailene discovers the threads of truth: her mother did not die, but survived in a comma for almost a decade. Jailene must face her father’s whispers and shadows, present in her own monsters, the two-leggeds who feed off human fear, doubt, self-loathing, not-good-enough, and destruction.

Jailene battles the two-leggeds to claim the highest powers from her lineage: Jewel’s boldness, Sarah’s compassion, and Teet’s sight in total darkness. If Jailene is ever to love and be loved, she must walk the double-edged sword of her apprenticeship to claim dominion over her inner powers and demons. She’ll need three untrained knights, two sisters—one blind seer and one ghosted healer, a dragon family of four, and an unexpected five-year-old named Saint Jeremy piled into a white Fleetwood Cadillac to carry them forward toward a multi-dimensional zone dividing the seduction of the dark and the divinity of the light.

If she succeeds, Jailene heals the sins of the father and her ancestral karma.

Literary Fiction

Hidden Portraits weaves the paranormal with emotional drama and high stakes to create an original television series. This series is underpinned by quantum physics, myths, and beliefs narrated by THE GUIDE, who describes our world and a universe, not only much greater, but also far stranger than we imagine.
Romantic comedy/Novel/Screenplay – (work-in-progress)
The Cosmic Order Bride combines magical realism and fantasy with human drama with the most unlikely of characters – a female African-American, llama rancher who orchestrates love for two lonely hearts with her magical powers and divine assistance from the cosmos.
Providence transforms the affairs of humankind . . . one healer, one generation at a time. The promise of benevolence is won or lost as Jailene battles the two-leggeds to claim the highest powers from her lineage: Jewel’s boldness, Sarah’s compassion, and Teet’s sight in total darkness.

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