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In the Lowcountry of the Carolinas, a fiery copper-headed woman with kinky waist-length braids sets out to find her place to stand in the world as a healer and a seer. Jewel introduces the trinity of Southern women healers bred and transformed by a lineage of Irish, Cherokee, Cree, and African-American Slaves. Jewel is the first to discover the two-leggeds when she falls from grace; when her lust for the boy, Lester, draws her into the dark arts of voodoo and ends in an unconsummated marriage, a murder, and a suicide. Here begins the ancestral karma--seeds of sin. Jewel fights the influences of the two-leggeds (soulless dark prowlers) the rest of her life. She makes amends by passing on the tutelage of her healing powers to her nieces, Sarah and Teet. Jewel never masters the wisdom of the first miracle--birth--the gift of creation. Her hope lies with the next generation of women healers.