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Vagabonds & Rogues

Pilot Logline: A thirteen-year-old boy, an Intuitive, a ghost, The Guide, a billionaire, and a streetwise Robin Hood bungle into a web of rapidly unfolding, atypical family drama to save a ghost's killer. As these misfits breach the barriers to their quest, they discover why they are the heirs to whatever is right or wrong with the Cole family.

Series Logline: "You can't tame a world of vagabonds and rogues, but you can tame a handful of bunglers," The Guide instructed.


Nothing is as it seems, perfectly set in motion when a man dies leaving his family bewildered, off-kilter, and grieving. As final as this may seem, it is the beginning of a new adventure and the springboard that causes the advent of a handful of extraordinary misfits who enter on cue. This is an atypical family drama that stretches beyond the normal tropes of death and loss, exploring the beyond. In the web of rapidly unfolding family drama and the ensuing dynamics, an unexpected, humorous presence arrives, simply called 'The Guide.' This narrator is a man of mixed ethnicity and questionable age. While on Earth duty, he is always impeccably dressed, i.e., his royal blue silk suit, accented with an iridescent tie that changes colors until it settles on 'rose.' In small, informed doses, The Guide talks directly to the audience, breaking the 4th wall. This is symbolic of his travel between the barriers of life and death. His introduction reveals a sliver of cosmic realism and the drama and humor that lubricate life. He sets the tone for uncovering the actual situations—the journeys these misfits must take into unknown worlds and timelines to uncover the truth: Who killed Robert and why?

The Cosmic Order Bride –

LOGLINE - Desperate to save his family home, a Montana rancher secretly writes successful romance novels, but when his own longing for love results in a cosmic prescription to order a bride—nobody expects an attractive, New York Times Book Reviewer to show up, expose his true identity, discredit his reputation while falling in love under a canopy of stars in Big Sky Country.

Beenya Soul -

Tula comes from southern shores, descendants of African slaves, soldiers, farmers, voodoo vagrants, hunters, a trinity of Southern women healers, warriors, sea captains, murderers and mystics living off of sand and sea and hope . . . hope that Tula masters all three miracles. To claim the highest powers from her lineage - Great Aunt Jewel's boldness, Aunt Sarah's compassion, and her mother, Teet's sight in total darkness, Tula battles the two-leggeds. Tula will need three untrained knights (Uncle Seth, Walker, and Leonard), a daughter of a queen (Great Aunt Jewel), two sisters - her mother, Teet (a blind seer)and Aunt Sarah (a ghosted healer), a dragon family of four, a five-year-old named Saint Jeremy, and an unexpected Bode piled into a white Fleetwood Cadillac to carry them forward toward a multi-dimensional zone dividing the seduction of the dark and the divinity of the light. If Tula succeeds, Tula heals the sins of the father and her ancestral karma.