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Vagabonds & Rogues


Vagabonds & Rogues is an epic tale of dramatic lies and fantastical truths. It is a story about a handful of characters tied together by their past lives. Through each character, the narrative explores personal themes of love, loss, and timeless bonds. The story unfolds in layers, exploring the interconnectedness of this team united in a cosmic caper to save humanity as it careens toward certain destruction. Because of their unique strengths, only this ragtag team of extraordinary misfits would volunteer to avert certain disasters.

Logline - The Intuitive, the Ghost, the Money, the Thief come together with the help of a boy to take on a new kind of villain. They travel to other worlds, crossing timelines, navigating between the living and the dead when someone needs aid, they provide 'The Guide.'

Premise - How do we deal with loss and grief? Life and death are minted as one coin. In an instant flip of the coin, they separate - those that leave us too soon and those they leave behind. What's relevant? What's behind the curtain? Everyone wants to know what comes next.  That's The Guide's job, and he reveals it with humor, finesse, and otherworldly knowledge, while dressed impeccably. Hidden Portraits exhumes the core stories of the lives and past lives of a handful of individuals with volcanic intensities in the central story of human life and death and beyond.

Why tell this story? – I wanted to write a story that didn't end with death but rather, a story revealing a bridge to the continuation of life beyond physical death.

Relevant themes in today's world - The constant throughout this remarkable journey is the overarching theme of love and sacrifice, family, and loyalty; a semblance of normal in the cosmic soup of creation. Our current worldview wants us to believe we are separated by our differences, but misperceived barriers of spiritual/religious barriers, linguistic barriers, cultural, race, gender barriers are leveled when we begin to understand the expanded version of who we are and what we're doing here.
Viewers discover how an unresolved past life can leave an imprint of behavior patterns in one's present life. Its time travel and past-life themes captivate mystery lovers everywhere. Viewers across the world will relate to Catherine's dilemma of love, loss, and acceptance. This franchise entices viewers to journey with Catherine to delve deeply into the nature of the mysterious implications of reincarnation, time travel, dimensions, parallel lives, the soul, and the true nature of our realities with her ragtag team and The Guide's otherworldly expertise.

Vagabonds & Rogues level the hierarchy of who we believe we are, one life at a time—via its culture, economics, gender, race, and religious beliefs. The story is a poignant inquiry into our human desire for permanence.


This TV pilot script seeks a Manager/Literary Agent.

The Cosmic Order Bride –

LOGLINE - Desperate to save his family home, a Montana rancher secretly writes successful romance novels, but when his own longing for love results in a cosmic prescription to order a bride—nobody expects an attractive, New York Times Book Reviewer to show up, expose his true identity, discredit his reputation while falling in love under a canopy of stars in Big Sky Country.

Beenya Soul -

Tula comes from southern shores, descendants of African slaves, soldiers, farmers, voodoo vagrants, hunters, a trinity of Southern women healers, warriors, sea captains, murderers and mystics living off of sand and sea and hope . . . hope that Tula masters all three miracles. To claim the highest powers from her lineage - Great Aunt Jewel's boldness, Aunt Sarah's compassion, and her mother, Teet's sight in total darkness, Tula battles the two-leggeds. Tula will need three untrained knights (Uncle Seth, Walker, and Leonard), a daughter of a queen (Great Aunt Jewel), two sisters - her mother, Teet (a blind seer)and Aunt Sarah (a ghosted healer), a dragon family of four, a five-year-old named Saint Jeremy, and an unexpected Bode piled into a white Fleetwood Cadillac to carry them forward toward a multi-dimensional zone dividing the seduction of the dark and the divinity of the light. If Tula succeeds, Tula heals the sins of the father and her ancestral karma.